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Presenting Softwatch InfoSys (Private) Limited, an Information Technology savvy, strategically located in Colombo, facing the gorgeous blue waters of Indian Ocean. Softwatch, as it is known popularly, was established in the year 1998 and started its journey as a software developing and training body, thereby imposing the confidence among the mass to fit in the modern IT industry. Today Softwatch has made its apposite stamp in the home market toward the provision of unsurpassed innovative corporate software solutions with the one-stop-shop convenience. Paradoxically carrying out continuous Research, Analysis and Development for the various co-operative banks, Samurdhi banks(Largest MFI in Sri Lanka), tea factories, freight forwarding and clearing companies, hospitals, and, land selling companies ( real estates) , IT education and consultancy for the mentioned with élan.

Vision – bringing close together –network and the software

Our dictum says it all

“The bridge to the future”

We leverage our most valuable asset of imparting the right knowledge to our customers through our well-trained knowledge workers is our catch-phrase and the pledge given to the customers at the time of inception. This had infallibly leaded to capturing, organizing, and transferring and institutionalizing that created measurable business benefits. We ensure that our patrons beget the benefits of more powerful, feature-rich products at a lower cost, so that the co-operative banking associations can reap the rewards of producing superior products and services to their customers.

We deem to attain these in a freewheeling environment through which we fulfill the banking operations by networking the all Island with our unique software, and justify Softwatch’s vision, the bridge to the future.

Perception – the know-how to meet your business challenges

When the IT tornado started looming large, a well directed ‘information highway’ was always in need for the depleted Sri Lankan corporate, especially for the co-operative banking houses. An adept and the knowledgeable campaigner such as Softwatch could only first contemplate to savage these houses equipping with IT. This justifies Softwatch a capable player in the modern IT industry and equipped with all amenities to meet and be in the dramatically growing business complexity.

Thus adhering strictly to our vision, we understand the critical issues our clients come across every day, and we offer proven products and comprehensive services where the co-operatives wanted to go and be in the new level of competitive advantage.

Novelty – A Valuable Asset – Investment of People and Technology

This area where Softwatch reckons to attain strong heights and be the leader from the rest, strengthening the cordon by the provision of best-in-class customers with perfect service solutions. Doubtlessly to improve the competitiveness through seating Softwatch ahead of competition and well positioned to take the advantage of opportunities that we come across.


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